Master Key Experience Week 1

This is my first week taking on this awesome adventure that layout in front of me. It hasn’t been easy getting all set up and following the program completely. I get frustrated with myself sometimes when things fall through the cracks here this first week. I am not giving up or giving in, however, I am submitting to this new process and am beginning to enjoy it!

I sat for 20 mins here not doing anything and just following the random thoughts that popped into my head boy it’s crazy what comes and goes in my mind in such a short period of time. I did find it more difficult than I thought it would be but I’ve got this!

Now the whole reading thing, I’ve got the morning part down, I’m going to have to set an alarm for the midday reading time for myself. I totally forget about that time of day. Night time has been hit or miss, I’m trying to read just before I head to bed. This seems to work the best and helps me to get away from the TV, Netflix or surfing the web. Thank you soooo much for helping with that. I do find that I meditate on the readings often throughout my day and that brings me so much happiness, I find I’m smiling more!

Getting adjusted to kinda of being back in school so to speak has been a challenge along with attempting to do this while I’m on dialysis and dealing with my ongoing medical issues. Even with all that life is improving. I’m so excited for week 2 and so on.

Thanks for reading,

Garret Berge

Garret Head 222x355


5 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 1

  1. Garret, you are an enormous inspiration to me…as I know you will be to your fellow MKE members, certified guides and the staff. Stay the course, my friend….no matter what. You’ll soon adjust to all of this and I promise you…stay the course, do you best. You WILL stun yourself. Look forward to following you on this amazing journey!

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  2. Im really looking forward to be following your journey..
    Amazing start on it, and you got this.. yes it is hard suddenly going back to school, and changing habits.
    If it were easy more people would just do it.
    So keep up the good work.
    Charlotte R

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