Master Key Experience week 4

So the last couple of weeks have been just horrible for me. I’ve lost traction within this course and am trying to regain footing as I know I need it!

My medical situation and my finiancial situation has been ruling my thoughts as of late and have caused me to become depressed and removed from life at the moment. Thus I know that I need all the more to get plugged back into this training as when I started it all made sense to me and helped get me into a better mindset.

I’ve been good at using excuses to put things off in my life and I truly hate that about myself. I’m trying to face these things through the eyes of this training. But I have been putting things off and just hiding. I need to get back to the daily reading for sure as this does help as it was in the beginning for sure for me. I am so good at putting things off and just saying that I can get to it tomorrow. However one of these days, there won’t be another tomorrow. I feel like I’m not really living right now.

Reading this post might seem like a bummer but I am just truly writing down how I am feeling right now and what I am struggling with. I do know that I can still continue strong!

If you have words of wisdom for this guy who is kinda down and out please feel free to share them with me.

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