MKE Week 5 Supplement

The amazing thing about all that we are learning on this adventure is that if you get sidetracked just a little that plugging back in and doing the work reaps huge rewards.

I was struggling with major depression over the last couple of weeks in regards to my health, money, and business. I had pretty much stopped all the readings. I withdrew from my life and went into hiding mode like I’ve usually done when things seem to get overwhelming. Personally, this is something I really dislike about myself and is something that is changing with the help of MKE.

I decided to get back on track, which I finally am here at the beginning of week 6 and when I started reading and being involved and applying everything again you know what happened? My depression disappeared! It was instantly replaced with the positive readings from our training here.

This proved to me that I don’t want to give up on this and that I promise not to! This is a life-changing adventure of this there is no doubt. Go and do your BEST!

4 thoughts on “MKE Week 5 Supplement

  1. Love your honesty and vulnerability you’ve shared in your posts, Garret. What’s really awesome to see is you becoming a better observer – noticing when the old blueprint surfaces and doing so without judgement is key. This takes practice, and you’re totally on track. You’re stepping into massive growth, my friend. I’m super excited for you…. breathe through the challenges and STAY ENGAGED in the mastermind. Let’s stay in touch also. You’ve GOT this.


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