Master Key Experience Week 6

The momentum is truly building, however, I’m still trying to find the time to get everything in and done. It can be a huge challenge but I’m not letting days go by not accomplishing nothing!!!

We all have excuses that we can use but that’s my old blueprint. I choose to rewire my subby and move towards my bliss more and more each and every day. I’ve been finding that all this gets easier to do the more I do it, then the more I want to continue doing it replacing those old habits feels so freaking good! I’ve been doing things NOW!!!

Working to get my movie poster done here within the next day or so. I’m actually finding this quite difficult to do for some reason. Finding my smart goals seems to be a challenge to me. I know I can do it but it doesn’t always seem to fit with my DMP. This could just be me over analyzing things but I’ll look upon it with fresh eyes tomorrow.

For now, I need to rest as I have dialysis the next 2 days in a row since I took a day off to enjoy Halloween with the family.

Here’s to your journey, know that you can do it!

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