Master Key Experience week 8

Life keeps throwing me curve balls, I have to admit it is such a struggle dealing with my kidney issues and being on dialysis and still waiting on a Kidney Transplant. The change in weather and rolling back the time has made me roll into a funk!

I’m still working through all my MKE stuff at a bit slower of a pace as I’ve been in and out of medical facilities the last couple of weeks. I finally got my movie poster done and have placed that in front of my TV to take its place. I do my sit right in front of it and focus on that while I sit which feels great! Still keeping positive as I have these health curve balls thrown at me.

Tomorrow at our local movie theater in town they are hosting a little birthday party for me where I also get to share my need for a living kidney donor. I’m actually excited about this as I know awesome things are going to come out of me sharing my journey, the good the bad, the ugly and the funny.

Well, I gotta get back to working on my DMP but wanted to update my blog. Thanks for reading all!


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