About Me!

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I’m creatively geeky, I love all things technology related, I love making people laugh, I enjoy helping people live the most passionate life the can. Life isn’t always easy and it’s ok to not be ok if you get what I mean. That, however, doesn’t mean giving up or stop living life.

We all have struggles in life but together we can help each other live the most wonderful lives possible! I’m here to help serve others by utilizing my skills with technology, comedy and helping people be successful.

Who am I? I am Garret Berge a Passionate, Lovable guy who loves life and sharing life with others. Please join me on that journey here on this blog as well as the other adventures I will share via links below. I’m here to grow myself but to also help you grow as well.

Let’s drive down the road of success together!

Things I do:

Tech Support Professional at Simpli Now LLC

Blogger Extraordinaire @ Shout Out Bluff Country

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