Master Key Experience week 8

Life keeps throwing me curve balls, I have to admit it is such a struggle dealing with my kidney issues and being on dialysis and still waiting on a Kidney Transplant. The change in weather and rolling back the time has made me roll into a funk!

I’m still working through all my MKE stuff at a bit slower of a pace as I’ve been in and out of medical facilities the last couple of weeks. I finally got my movie poster done and have placed that in front of my TV to take its place. I do my sit right in front of it and focus on that while I sit which feels great! Still keeping positive as I have these health curve balls thrown at me.

Tomorrow at our local movie theater in town they are hosting a little birthday party for me where I also get to share my need for a living kidney donor. I’m actually excited about this as I know awesome things are going to come out of me sharing my journey, the good the bad, the ugly and the funny.

Well, I gotta get back to working on my DMP but wanted to update my blog. Thanks for reading all!

Master Key Experience Week 7

Things make sense and I love being in this positive mental state. I picked out my song to record my words of inspiration too. I’m using Chris Tomlin’s song whom shall I fear. I listen to this song on a daily basis, so it’s nice to reinforce the good stuff for subby with my own voice and his music to the background.

All these little things that seem like learning kid stuff totally adds up to making life better and things have become more automatic and I don’t feel nearly as crazy as I did when we began this journey. Each week more things come together and adding this to my daily bible study time has only enhanced my life.

I’ve found myself thinking I wish I would have found this sooner, I take that thought captive and lead it right out of my head as I found this adventure at just the right time for me and it is amazing.

Daily I commit myself to this learning and growing and my life has changed for the better!

Master Key Experience Week 6

The momentum is truly building, however, I’m still trying to find the time to get everything in and done. It can be a huge challenge but I’m not letting days go by not accomplishing nothing!!!

We all have excuses that we can use but that’s my old blueprint. I choose to rewire my subby and move towards my bliss more and more each and every day. I’ve been finding that all this gets easier to do the more I do it, then the more I want to continue doing it replacing those old habits feels so freaking good! I’ve been doing things NOW!!!

Working to get my movie poster done here within the next day or so. I’m actually finding this quite difficult to do for some reason. Finding my smart goals seems to be a challenge to me. I know I can do it but it doesn’t always seem to fit with my DMP. This could just be me over analyzing things but I’ll look upon it with fresh eyes tomorrow.

For now, I need to rest as I have dialysis the next 2 days in a row since I took a day off to enjoy Halloween with the family.

Here’s to your journey, know that you can do it!

MKE Week 5 Supplement

The amazing thing about all that we are learning on this adventure is that if you get sidetracked just a little that plugging back in and doing the work reaps huge rewards.

I was struggling with major depression over the last couple of weeks in regards to my health, money, and business. I had pretty much stopped all the readings. I withdrew from my life and went into hiding mode like I’ve usually done when things seem to get overwhelming. Personally, this is something I really dislike about myself and is something that is changing with the help of MKE.

I decided to get back on track, which I finally am here at the beginning of week 6 and when I started reading and being involved and applying everything again you know what happened? My depression disappeared! It was instantly replaced with the positive readings from our training here.

This proved to me that I don’t want to give up on this and that I promise not to! This is a life-changing adventure of this there is no doubt. Go and do your BEST!

Master Key Experience Week 5

Getting back in the grove! I know I’ve mentioned that it’s been a rough couple of weeks here for me but I am finally back on track at this moment. So looking forward to tomorrows Sunday afternoon call for MKE.

It’s amazing how plugging back into this has helped ease my depression and really bring me back out of my funk. Keeping these times in my life to a minimum is my goal and with the work and learning I am doing here I can do just that.

Ok, wait I think I jumped the gun a little and said I was all caught up. Oppps, I just need to write my Press Release. Well, I know what I’ll be doing here. I’m so thankful for the great team of people that has surrounded me in this quest I am on. My guide supplies me with super excellent pearls of wisdom and suggestions that come just when I need them. I am excited to continue this process and finish strong.

Ok, I better go write my press release before I forget. Thanks for reading this blog and making suggestions.

Master Key Experience week 4

So the last couple of weeks have been just horrible for me. I’ve lost traction within this course and am trying to regain footing as I know I need it!

My medical situation and my finiancial situation has been ruling my thoughts as of late and have caused me to become depressed and removed from life at the moment. Thus I know that I need all the more to get plugged back into this training as when I started it all made sense to me and helped get me into a better mindset.

I’ve been good at using excuses to put things off in my life and I truly hate that about myself. I’m trying to face these things through the eyes of this training. But I have been putting things off and just hiding. I need to get back to the daily reading for sure as this does help as it was in the beginning for sure for me. I am so good at putting things off and just saying that I can get to it tomorrow. However one of these days, there won’t be another tomorrow. I feel like I’m not really living right now.

Reading this post might seem like a bummer but I am just truly writing down how I am feeling right now and what I am struggling with. I do know that I can still continue strong!

If you have words of wisdom for this guy who is kinda down and out please feel free to share them with me.

Master Key Experience Week 3

Well, this week has been challenging as we have gotten our foster boys back for a bit so my time management has taken a beating. I’m still doing more than last week and I find that positivity finds my mind more often than not.

I’ve been dealing with some frustrating medical news this last week but the Master key has been helping me to handle things in a way better light than before getting into all this learning.

I will be doing far better this next week. I know how important it is to stick to the schedule provided to us. I find when I don’t I miss it. It also does become second nature as I keep doing it!

I’ve found myself watching less TV / Netflix and wasting way less time on silliness. So thankful for this!

Master Key Experience Week 2

This week has been extremely hard for me as I am currently on dialysis and waiting for a new kidney. My health has been in decline this week so my focus has been on keeping healthy along with following this great program.

Without this guidance and learning about myself I am doing through the master key experience I know I wouldn’t be at this place I’m in now. Which is more positive and enjoying life more even with the struggles I have to go through. I have to admit that I haven’t been able to follow everything 100% but I’m doing it.

The index card thing was neat for sure and I love carrying these things around with me to look at them any time I’d like. I’m finding myself repeating the phrases in the MKE guide regularly, they just seem to pop in and keep me motivated.

Right now it’s been another tough day at dialysis, I became unresponsive at one point during my treatment at my blood pressure went super low due to pulling too much liquid and now tonight I just found where my updated DMP is located so I’m off to finish that review up and then it’s off to bed for me.

So excited to see what’s next in this great adventure!

Master Key Experience Week 1

This is my first week taking on this awesome adventure that layout in front of me. It hasn’t been easy getting all set up and following the program completely. I get frustrated with myself sometimes when things fall through the cracks here this first week. I am not giving up or giving in, however, I am submitting to this new process and am beginning to enjoy it!

I sat for 20 mins here not doing anything and just following the random thoughts that popped into my head boy it’s crazy what comes and goes in my mind in such a short period of time. I did find it more difficult than I thought it would be but I’ve got this!

Now the whole reading thing, I’ve got the morning part down, I’m going to have to set an alarm for the midday reading time for myself. I totally forget about that time of day. Night time has been hit or miss, I’m trying to read just before I head to bed. This seems to work the best and helps me to get away from the TV, Netflix or surfing the web. Thank you soooo much for helping with that. I do find that I meditate on the readings often throughout my day and that brings me so much happiness, I find I’m smiling more!

Getting adjusted to kinda of being back in school so to speak has been a challenge along with attempting to do this while I’m on dialysis and dealing with my ongoing medical issues. Even with all that life is improving. I’m so excited for week 2 and so on.

Thanks for reading,

Garret Berge

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